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Recent News

May 05, 2022: Announcing pyemaps! a free python package for transmission electron diffraction simulations for non-commercial and personal use. Please check here for easy pip installation and user guide!

September 04, 2020: Many thanks to our subscribers for your support, we hope to continue to provide the services to the communities. The new fee schedule for the upcoming office cloudEMAPS 2.0 release is announced. Please check here for the details!

August 08, 2020: Announcing cloudEMAPS 2.0 product preview! Major feature addition: electron probe; contrast transfer function (CTF) and Rochigram; plus extensive user interface improvements. The free preview ends 9/10/2020.

April 22, 2020: Our submission to M&M 2020 Meeting, entitled “cloudEMAPS: A Cloud Computing Environment for Electron Microscopy Application Simulations” has been accepted by M&M 2020 Meeting Committee. We look forward to seeing you in our demonstration of cloudEMAPS 1.0 during the conference scheduled Aug 2-6, 2020!

April 20, 2020: Many thanks for those who registered for our cloudEMAPS product preview! We are grateful for all your support, most importantly, your feedback during the preview.  The product preview officially ends today. For those who wish to continue, we offer conversion of your preview account to a subscription account. Simply login again and we will take you though the easy process. Check here for announcement of the release subscription plans. For new users, please subscribe here.

April 08, 2020: We are committed to carry out our missions during this tough time and working hard towards the first release cloudEMAPS  1.0 on April 21st 2020 as scheduled! Check here for announcement of the release subscription plans.

January 29, 2020: We are going to Australia Conference on Microscopy and Microanalysis (ACMM26) held 16-20 February 2020. Look for us on 17th of February in poster session 1 on cloudEMAPS introduction.

January 10, 2020: cloudEMAPS is finally in product preview. Take a free tour of this exciting diffraction simulation tool here.

December 23, 2019: The first software tool to replace IdealMicrosope™ and popular webEMAPS. We are offering a product preview for those who register. Stay tuned for free product preview.


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